Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry In Rockford, IL 

At Moore Dentistry, a soft tissue diode laser can be used for a variety of procedures.  There are several advantages to using a soft tissue laser:

  • Procedures done with less anesthesia
  • Procedures done with less bleeding
  • Less pain after the procedure
  • Treatment for cold sores (herpes)
  • Treatment for canker sores 
  • Gums are reshaped without cutting
  • Reduces the healing time
  • Benign tumors can be removed
  • Minimize the need for stitches 
  •     Dental procedures involving lasers might sound like something from science fiction, but for a growing number of dentists, it is today's reality. 

          There are dozens of applications for this new technology. Depending on the type of dental procedure you need, we'll be able to discuss whether laser technology is right for you.

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